I can confirm that our partner in Uganda is in full swing with planting of the tree seedlings that we have provided. I recently visited Uganda (2 nd – 14 th May 2019) on a ‘working holiday’ to personally oversee the planting and to also check the progress of the trees that were planted 2 years ago.

During the visit I was able to make closer contact with the Ugandan NGO CIDI, the group that is running the project with close connections to the local people who are planting the trees.

There are also close ties between CIDI and the Kingdom of Buganda, the locality in which the trees are being planted.

The visit was generally an uplifting and positive experience, however it is clear that Uganda is feeling the effects of the Climate Crisis, in that the ‘normal’ rainfall has in recent years become less certain.

The local people are however optimistic, and believe that if they can replant their forests, which like in Denmark have been cleared from the landscape over the years, then the rain will also return. The uncertainty of the rain has meant that our two partners TROFACO og CIDI have decided that all plantings in 2019 should occur in those areas that have the ‘safest’ rainfall.

You can read the full story with pictures here.