ECOSIA is a search machine with home base in Berlin that has chosen to spend the majority of it’s income on planting trees. Search the Internet – and plant trees! While you are searching the Internet, you can see how many trees you have planted.


The ECOSIA search machine is just as easy to use as Google, and it does not have as many ads
as Google. Before using it you need to go to ‘Settings’ and select the country from which you wish
to perform the search. ECOSIA uses Bing technology from Microsoft and is therefore a competitor
of Google.

By March 2017 ECOSIA’s users had sponsored planting of 7 mill trees. By March 2018 this figure
has raised to the incredible number of 23 mill trees since the launch in 2009. Currently, the ECOSIA users support planting of one new tree per 1.1 second!