Dear members and sponsors of GROW|FOR|IT,

Thanks to your contributions and your memberships we now fulfill the last requirements for being approved according to the Tax Assessment Act 8§A, which implies tax reductions for donations to associations working for a cause for the common good.

GROW|FOR|IT have posted an application to SKAT for the approval (applies to Danish tax payers only), since we have met the necessary requirements, which are:

  • More than 300 members who have each payed a membership fee of at least 50 DKK.
  • More than 100 sponsors each donating minimum 200 DKK(30 USD/25 Euro) to reforestation.
  • A yearly gross income/capital of more than 150,000 DKK.

At present we have more than 140,000 DKK for tree planting in 2017 and 2018 and more than 10,000 DKK for administration.
Read the entire text here:  Link to SKAT (in Danish).

SKAT have informed us, that a processing time of 3 months can be expected. We will inform you, when/if we obtain the approval.

All the best,