In collaboration with Hedeselskabet, we have now also made it possible to donate for planting of climate forest in the Baltics. Climate forest in the Baltics is slightly more expensive measured per. tons of CO2 uptake than in the other tropical and subtropical areas where GrowForIt plants. This is because tree growth is not quite as fast in a temperate climate, and that the price level labor and cuttings is slightly higher in Europe.

We are convinced that there will also be interest in supporting tree planting in this Danish immediate area, which is within the EU.

Baltics, i.e. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are an ideal area for planting climate forests. There is a lot of marginal agricultural land that is suitable for afforestation, and there is good legal protection of classified forest. In addition, the price level is low, by European standards.

Plantings in the Baltics take place in collaboration with Hedeselskabet’s local subsidiary HD Forest. For these plantings, we have opened the possibility for interested donors to freely choose how much forest area they want to donate and thus how much money they want to donate, i.e. the crowdfunding model.

New in the shop (this shop page is in Danish): Plant trees in the Baltics, decide your own contribution.

See a detailed descripton of the plantning model here.