We have great news to share with you: Grow For It is now a “Grove partner” at Eden Reforestation Projects – which means we have donated more than 50,000 dollars worth of plantings! We are extremely proud of this, and simultaneously we can announce that we have received donations for plantings until October this year, so that is very nice indeed! 50.000 dollars means we have secured more than half a million trees planted, corresponding to about 1.000 tons of co2 abated each year, and we are now in the company of giant companies like the US internet provider Verizon! For the local community, it also means that we (the donors!) have established the foundation for local jobs, putting in more than 5,000 hours, i.e. almost three full-time employees in Madagascar! Read more: https://edenprojects.org/partners/#grove-partners We still have some way to go before we are in league as the really large donors, such as Ecosia and 10tree, who have each donated over $ 1 million.) Watch the cool tree planters in the video, forwarded by Eden Projects! More than 12 million trees planted in April, all around the world – in the midst of a corona crisis! https://youtu.be/zME9JhussI If you would like to take a look at the location via GPS, please find the coordinates in this picture:
Antsanitia mangrove site, Madagascar