We have one goal: To remove CO2 from Earth's atmosphere

Which is why we organize sustainable afforestation for individuals, companies and organizations.

Our work is volunteer based and non-profit.

Reset your carbon footprint for life

“We have decided to help our five grandchildren neutralize their carbon footprint for life. Now they can continue with their lives, knowing that all the carbon dioxide they contribute to the atmosphere will be captured by new forest, working for the climate until we reach a fossil fuel free era.”
Karen and Svend Thomsen

Grandparents to Vanessa, Fiona, Benedikte, Andreas and Konstantin


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Update on mangroves from Madagascar

Update on mangroves from Madagascar

Last month we were again reminded, by the IPCC, that our climate is in a bad way, and that things will only worsen from hereon out. Record forest fires have wrecked rich and poor regions alike, with huge CO2-emissions as a consequence. And this week it was confirmed...