About CO₂ and our gift cards

We think it is important that everyone should be able to contribute to afforestation for the climate, even if one does not have the opportunity to spend EUR 1000 for the lifelong CO₂ neutralization, but would like to set aside a smaller amount.

When you choose to neutralize your CO₂ emission for one year or to give the donation as a gift, we start a smaller planting for 200 kroner or the amount corresponding to the gift card. For the gift card donations, we aim to select low cost plantings with high CO₂ absorption effect. It could be, for example, mangrove forest, which is planted in Madagascar by our good partner Eden Reforestation Projects (which has an excellent FAQ list with info on their plantings).

The math around our gift card:

A Danish average annual CO2 emission is just under 9 tonnes.
The price of a mangrove plant, which can bind the same amount of CO₂ annually, is currently EUR 500.
Therefore, since you are planting for a small amount, it will take a few years before your donation has cleared the atmosphere of what corresponds to a Danish average annual CO₂ emission. The larger the amount on the gift card, the fewer years go by. At EUR 26, you have to buy one for 19 years before you reach balance.
One more thing about the donation of EUR 26: We make a compromise with the small individual donations, namely that we cannot for that price get the same degree of accuracy in the documentation for the plantings that we offer in the large lifetime donation of EUR 1000.

For the small donations, we can confidently document that the plantings were made in a specific area (see, for example, this type of reporting), while for the large donations we offer photo documentation for the exact hectare of trees that have been planted for your money. In other words, you will be able to go out and clap your own trees with the big donation – you can’t do that completely with the gift card donations.