Zero your carbon footprint for life

kr. 7.750,00

Plant one hectare forest and it will capture a minimum of 10 tons CO₂ per year.



Donate 1000 euro if you wish to initiate a one hectare tree planting, providing you with lifelong CO₂ offset for one person.

You will gain:

  • With each hectare of newly planted forest you support (10 tonnes of CO₂ intake per year per hectare), you will receive a certificate proving that you have now balanced the annual CO₂ emissions of one person.
  • Photo documentation with GPS coordinates and time display on a map on the Internet.
  • Tax deduction for your CO₂ balance (for Danish tax payers).

At the moment you can choose between:

  • Planting regular forest in Uganda, Vietnam or Nepal
  • Planting mangrove forest in Madagascar
  • Planting EU-forest in the Baltic countries

Uganda: Your trees will be planted by our Danish partner TroFaCo,

Madagascar: Your trees will be planted as mangrove forest by our partner Eden Reforestation Project. Read more about mangrove planting by Eden on our blog.

The Baltics: Your trees will be plantet by Hedeselskabet.

When we receive your donation we will initiate the necessary steps, so that plant nurseries can start preparing saplings for planting.

You will receive a certificate of one tree planting, offsetting your personal CO2 footprint. If it is a tree planting in Uganda, you will be able to follow updates on your specific planting with regular intervals on our partner TroFaCo’s website, see an example here (new window).

When the trees are planted and start growing you will have obtained a lifelong balancing of your CO2 emissions. When at some point we have completed the necessary transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy your trees will continue to capture and store your past emissions!

If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ list and you are more than welcome to write to us. Use