Dear sponsors of GROW|FOR|IT,
New version of this post:

As of 2019 MobilePay no longer offers to handle the flow of information to the Danish Tax authorities. This means that we can no longer offer to handle the necessary information to SKAT on behalf of our small fee donors. Tax credit is still obtainable, but it is now up to the donor to inform the Danish tax authorities about their donation.

We will however make an exemption for lifelong CO2-offset donors and offer to handle the necessary tax credit information for them individually ?.

Earlier version:

We have managed to establish a solution to ensure that your donations will automatically be communicated to SKAT. §8A is the clause in the Tax Assessment Act that grants tax credit for donations to associations and organizations working for the common good.

GROW|FOR|IT is now registered as such an association. If you wish to donate a sum to GROW|FOR|IT and wish to get a tax credit, please enter your donation via phone number +45 93883530 using MobilePay. That way we need not receive your CPR number, which could be a challenge according to the data protection legislation of the EU.

With MobilePay it is easy: 1) Go to Indstillinger, 2) choose Donation, 3) select Skattefradrag for donationer, 4) confirm via NemID. From now on, all your donations to associations cooperating with MobilePay will be reported to SKAT. Read more here (PDF in Danish).

In case you wish to get the tax credit for a “GO-FOR-IT” membership at 250 kroner, things are a bit more complicated. First, use number +45 93883530 using MobilePay, if you want the credit for the minimum 200 DKK. Then pay your 50 DKK membership using our MobilePay number 25008 dedicated at running costs. Please remember to note your name, so that we know who is paying.

You can always pay the entire GO-FOR-IT membership using reg. No. 4728 and account No. 11847579 using MobilePay number 25008, but then you will miss the tax credit. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we prefer that you do not need to hand out your CPR numbers to GROW|FOR|IT.