Companies are increasingly faced with a demand for visible action to protect our climate. By planting trees, your company takes concrete action that directly helps neutralize the company’s CO₂ emissions.

CO₂-neutral business?

Many companies and organizations desire to do something good for the climate: Their employees might be flying a lot, they have a climate-damaging production or their customers and employees demand and expect them to take steps in a green and sustainable direction.

Let’s tailor a tree planting package for your company

Grow For It tailors afforestation in collaboration with your individual company or organization based on specific wishes and financial ability.

A tailored solution might be based on the number of kilometers traveled by employees, the number of kilometers traveled in the company car fleet, or one planted tree per billed hour or unit produced. 

Or how about turning one of your grassy areas around your company into a recreational forest? We have many ideas! Write to

Christmas Gifts

Grow For It offers Christmas gift solutions for both staff aa well as corporate gifts. You choose the amount on the gift card yourself. We help doing the set up and we supply you with descriptions og the gifts. Write to

Company membership

A company membership costs DKK 500/70 Euro a year. Of the amount DKK 100/15 Euro is reserved for support of our administrative work. The rest goes into tree planting. You will receive a certificate as visible proof of your company’s climate support.

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