Join our association and support GROW|FOR|IT:

    • An individual or family membership costs only 50 DKK (10 USD/Euro) per year, and beyond all doubt: It is a significant contribution to our voluntary
    • You could also consider becoming a “GO-FOR- IT!-member”. The price is 250 DKK (40 USD/35 Euro) per year, of which 200 DKK are used for a donation to reforestation, and 50 DKK (approximately 10 USD/Euro) go to administration..
    • A company membership costs 500 DKK per year (80 USD/70 Euro).

This is what you need to do:

Step 1: Pay the relevant amount via a bank transfer to our bank account:
Domestic transfer:
Danske Bank: Reg. No: 4728, account No: 11847579 (note your name).
Or, if you have access to the Danish bank app MobilePay, transfer the amount to GROW|FOR|IT, phone number +4593883530 (note your name).

International transfer:
IBAN: DK9130000011847579
Bank name & address: Danske Bank, Dalgasgade 27, 7400 Herning, Denmark

Step 2:
 Fill in the form below and click “Send” at the bottom.

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